Image of the piqnic - 'ZyouK'

the piqnic - 'ZyouK'

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Artist: the piqnic
Title: ZyouK
Catalogue Number: SIB006
Format: CD

1. ArA
2. hebi
3. ZyouK
4. si
5. krs
6. m-s
7. hinata
8. O

An exclusive debut album by THE PIQNIC, a Japanese dark shoegaze band based in Shizuoka, Japan.
Compared with their previous two EPs, which were hugely influenced by the indie music from the West, Japanese avant-garde has been the main influence on this brand-new album. It has led the album to have an identity and uniqueness as a Japanese band, in keeping their own roots, containing two opposite elements “stillness” and “motion”.

Only limited to 300 copies.