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Grimm Grimm / TAPERS - 'Grimm Grimm / TAPERS'

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Artists: Grimm Grimm & TAPERS
Title: Grimm Grimm / TAPERS
Catalogue Number: SIB004
Format: CD

Grimm Grimm
1. Kazega Fuitara Sayounara
2. Hazy Eyes Maybe
3. Robert Downey Syndrome
4. Walk Into The Cold Water With You
5. Knowing
6. Suite
7. Untitled 11

An exclusive split album by Grimm Grimm, a London-based acid-folk solo project by Koichi Yamanoha (ex. Screaming Tea Party) and Tapers, an experimental electro duo by Gustav Rye and Simon Kinch.

It's only limited to 100 copies.